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Invest in these high-quality and environmentally-friendly marine scrubbers

Europiren B.V. is the company you want to work with if you require an environmentally-friendly and effective way to clean the exhaust gases from vessels. Thanks to their reagent for marine scrubbers, you are able to meet all the legislations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These are introduced to limit the pollution emission in the marine industry. Cleaning exhaust gas has become indispensable if you have to meet these requirements. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in high-quality marine scrubbers from Europiren B.V. With these scrubbers, you are able to remove sulphur oxides from the exhaust gas of ship engines, in order to protect air and water quality. Are you interested in the products of this company and their advantages? Then do not hesitate to enquire after the possibilities for your business.

The limits for sulphur oxides

Sulphur pollutes the environment through the formation of sulphur dioxide SO2. This originates from the burning of heavy fuels. Because the marine industry is expanding continually, regulations for protecting air and water quality are more than necessary. Therefore, marine vessels faced strict legislations on 1 January 2015, when the limits were set for sulphur oxides (SOx) in so-called Sulfur Emission Control Areas (SECAs). Since 1 January 2020, these new regulations have been introduced in other areas outside these SECAs as well. For this reason, marine scrubbers are worth the investment for your business, wherever in the world it is located.

Discover all the advantages

Of course, cleaning the exhaust gases from vessels is not only required to meet ecological regulations. It increases the durability of your vessels as well. Moreover, you can store the marine scrubbers safely onboard and they are also safe for the crew and the environment. They are also exempted from REACH registration and they contain the most cost-effective alkali compared to others. Discover all the advantages of the marine scrubbers from Europiren B.V. and contact their specialists.