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In need of IPv4 addresses for your business? Choose lease

The shortage in IPv4 addresses has caused a worldwide run on the numerical identifiers. After the RIPE NCC ran out of unique IPv4 addresses to allocate just over two decades after the first one had been in use, a transfer market emerged for the transaction of IPv4 addresses. Businesses with surplus IP addresses are earning great money with the sale of their blocks. However, a new opportunity for obtaining IPv4 addresses fast has emerged: leasing.


The lease of IPv4 addresses knows significant benefits against buying the addresses. Specialized brokers have presented themselves as qualified mediators in finding trusted lease partners for IPv4 addresses and facilitating in the administrative steps. 


Cost-efficient and rapid use


One of the biggest benefits of IPv4 lease is cost efficiency. Instead of buying an IPv4 block against staggering rates, businesses are now able to lease the batch they need in order to get their networking systems up and running for IPv6 addresses. A temporary yet successful solution. 


Moreover, leasing allows for IPv4 addresses to be used in no time. The transfer of ownership is unnecessary as the IP addresses remain ownership of the party providing them for lease. This eliminates significant time efforts and quickens the process. After just 24 hours after the first payment, the leased IPv4 addresses are usable worldwide and include a reverse DNS configuration. 


To be able to lease IPv4 addresses, however, a suitable brokering partner is essential. Their network contains trusted parties willing to provide their surplus IPv4 addresses for lease and their experience allows for a safe and quick transaction of IP addresses.


A trusted broker in IPv4 addresses


Industry leader in facilitating the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses Prefix Broker is currently operating in 75 countries. With 25,000+ members and a history of 7,1 million transferred IP’s, this broker is able to help you navigate the complex process of IPv4 lease. 


Prefix Broker guides the process of leasing IPv4 addresses start to finish and handles all details in a professional, transparent and proper manner. Moreover, they are able to provide guidance in negotiations on price, timing, governing law and currency as well as assist in obtaining approval for transfers by the RIR.